Is this worth the cost?

I can’t answer what this experience would be worth to you.

For a past attendee’s viewpoint, check out their stories here.

What I can say is to be true to yourself, and answer these three questions:

  1. How would your life change if you had genuine, deep confidence in yourself?
  2. What would you do next if you knew in your body that you were limitless?
  3. How would your life change if you had the opportunity to feel and know that in 3 days?

Be honest, should I wait to drop a few pounds before I do this?

Being completely honest: No. You. Don’t.

I’m going to be completely hippy and let you know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and my personal genius is that I see and capture beauty EVERYWHERE.

More importantly, I help you to see that beauty within yourself.

You can lose or gain 50 lbs, and you would look epic either way because I am not photographing your face, I am in fact photographing your glow. Your aura. Your Goddess nature. Your essence.

That mysterious thing that all of us women have. That intangible but fully present thing, that fills the world with intrigue and awe.

Over the whole 3 days, and 3 nights, your glow is going to be so noticeable that even with a rubbish camera phone and one eye, you will not only be able to see your glow, but feel it. It will permeate all static images with your Queen Transcendence.

That is the true power of your Power.

And when you embrace it, what you look like no longer matters.

I'm not a girly girl, who loves pink and dresses - would this experience still work with me?

Sexy doesn’t come in colours or fabrics. It’s why Rihanna would look great even if she were wearing a bedsheet.

Sexy comes from within.

It comes from a deep-seated knowing of your Epicness.

A quiet, sure confidence.

That Epicness is what we will explore and celebrate for 3 days and 3 nights.

By the end of it all, your view on the world will change because the view of yourself has been transformed.

I can bring friends/ loved ones?! How many of them?

During this experience on that beautiful island called Tobago, you will have a luxury three bedroom villa – all to yourself.

You can choose to stay in that gorgeous villa by yourself and indulge in some much needed me time, as many before you have done.


You can choose to bring your greatest supporters with you to add to this high-vibe time.

If you intend on bringing friends / loved ones along, I recommend that this number stops at 3. Your partner (who will share with you), and two friends (who each get their own room).

This trip is about you. You’re not here to support them, or make them feel happy, or deal with any of their shit. This is about you.

This is you taking time for yourself, for the first time in a long time.

These are the people you want around you as we dance the fire of life and bring out your Full Potential.

Leave the energy suckers at home. They don’t need to know that they had an opportunity to come anyway.

There will be no more shying away from your Greatness here.

Only invite people who would be genuinely ecstatic when they witness you attaining #QueenStatus.

“This has been the one commitment to myself that I have never regretted. I came alive out there in Tobago with Zakiya, and I never looked back.” N.M.

3 nights away is a long time - would this be on a weekend?

It is falling on a weekend!

Your experience starts on when you land on Thursday and ends on Sunday, when you leave.

Am I going to find pictures of myself online after this?


Nope, nope, nope, and nope!

Any images of our time together is edited on a computer that isn’t connected to the internet, and then you receive them on a usb via post!

None of your images ever hit the internet. You have full control on the process of how much you want to share.

Would you be putting social media posts of me/ my friends while we're there?


As a rule, no Attendees time spent with me would be used for marketing.

You can rest assured that you, nor your friends, will be tagged or photographed for any social purpose by me, or my team.

It’s a completely safe, and secret moment.

I don't know why I'm feeling drawn to this...What should I do?

Put your details down below, and schedule a call with me.

Everything always gets more clear when two hearts connect.

“I learnt HOW to honour my body, exactly as it. And as corny as this all sounds, I know now that I am perfect. I am beautiful in every single way. That flaw that I thought was a problem, has been transformed within me to the most beautiful diamond. I am beautiful! It gives me such joy to tell you that!” K.B.

Do I need to know how to swim?

Definitely not!

We’ll be spending most of our time poolside, and on the sand.

Is this just one big long photo shoot?

If boat rides out to shallow seas, bronzing under the sun, dancing in the rain, and becoming free from yourself sounds like one big long photo shoot – then please sign me up!

Are there any other locations besides Tobago?

This experience happens only on the beautiful, un-touristy Caribbean island called Tobago.

I mean, look at this?!

How long in advance can I book?

You can book up to a maximum of 12 months in advance of your shoot.

“This was such an unexpected rollercoaster treat to myself. It has been the most passionate, life giving fun I have had in years! The perfect 50th birthday present – the beach, wine, and my best friends with me. They were my cheerleaders, and we only kept getting higher and higher. It was the Girls trip we wanted to have since college! No regrets! And that black book of memories is now my greatest treasure! I am a Queen, with only Queens as best friends and advisors.” J.N-R.

Is there an age limit?


You must be 18 years and older to go through this experience.

Will my love-hate relationship with my body end after this?

I would love to say, a definite “YES!”, but that would be a lie.

The only one who can control that is you.

While with us, your love-hate relationship with your body will be tested and reevaluated. You will see yourself for the powerful, wild woman, Queen that you are.

However, after you leave us…. that my friend, is up to you.

Do you stay in the glow of living your Full Potential, or do you retreat.

Your choice.

Should I buy special clothes for this?

My recommendation is that you bring only the clothes that make you feel like the Goddess you are.

If that means you need to now buy some clothes because you only have one thing that you feel good in  – then it’s time to go shopping!

I am already at home, and confident within my body - can I still take this?

Of course you can!

This is only going to raise your vibe even higher. Oooooooo, the juicy, amazing, life affirming fun we are going to have together!

This is going to be epic.